Level 2 - Intermediate This program is designed for the more 'experienced' trainer who has been doing a weights program for at least 6 months, 2-3 times per week and eating consistently (3 hourly) with a high metabolism and/or has preferably completed Level 1 of our programs.As your body adapts to healthy living and exercise, so will your energy requirements.  This Program adheres to that and also includes a 3-way split for weights exercises.A Cardio Program and Measurements Card to keeo track of your progress is also included.The duration of this Program is limitless.  The Nutrition gives you the amounts and types of foods to choose from leaving it up to you to be as creative as you wish.  The Exercise  is much the same and will keep you achieving gains for years to come.  At this point, eating and training to scuplt will be part of your lifestyle and very much more routine.  After reaching this point, you may like to consider competing and look at our Competition Coaching/Preparation Package.Note: Ensure you qualify yourself correctly and that you are at this level before choosing the Step It Up.

Step It Up!

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