Meet Some Past Angels

Amasha Marshall

Occupation: Stay at home mum & also studying to become a Personal Trainer


Length of time training:  19 months


When, how and why I joined Fitangels:

After surviving cancer at the age of 23 in 2006 and learning some tough life lessons, I realised my health was going to be a priority in my future.


Fit Angels has changed my life, I now feel the happiest, fittest and healthist I've ever felt in a long time. 





Ellie Finlay

Occupation: Occupational Therapy Student


Length of time training:  3 Years


What it means to be a Fitangel:

For me, being a Fitangel means you want to become the best version of yourself, both physically and mentally.


Everyone at Fitangels has a completely different story as to why we want to achieve our goals. We are able to encourage and inspire one another to train hard and have fun at the same time!   





Vernice Salveron

Occupation: Occupational Therapist


Length of time training:  14 months


What it means to be a Fitangel:

Being a Fit Angel means that I am apart of a team of determined, strong and disciplined women whom advocate for a healthy lifestyle. 


Being part of this team is very rewarding as it allows your passion and love for health and fitness to grow stronger as you have access to women with the same goals and aspirations.