Vernice Salveron



Occupational Therapist


Length of time training:

14 Months


When, how and why I joined Fitangels:

I started training with the Fitangels team with my older sister. We both have a passion for health and fitness both being personal trainers and have occupations in the health field. We saw Fitangels advertised on social media and decided that we wanted to be apart of a team that shared the same goals, passion and interests.


It seemed that all the training I was doing was counter productive and my body was not reflecting the hard work that I thought I was putting in. Under the direction of Janere, Fitangel’s has been a ‘one stop’ shop for all my fitness needs and I my journey is testament to how life changing the Fitangel’s journey can be.


What it means to me to be a Fitangel:

Being a Fit Angel means that I am apart of a team of determined, strong and disciplined women whom advocate for a healthy lifestyle.  Being part of this team is very rewarding as it allows your passion and love for health and fitness to grow stronger as you have access to women with the same goals and aspirations. Being part of the Elite team is also such an honour as it allows me to inspire others and assist them in achieving their goals even in the smallest way possible.


First comp: NABBA/WFF SA State Titles – Sports Model Short Class - 2nd Place


Last comp: ANB Muscle & Model Extravaganza – Fitness Model Short Class -1st Place


Upcoming comps: UFE World Championship – Toronto November 2014 - I am currently focused on brining my best package to the world stage so will not be competing until after this event.


Goals moving forward: 

Continue to master my craft in this industry by developing my knowledge and passion for health, food, fitness and exercise in order to assist with empowering other women.


Inspirations/ Aspirations:

My family has a history of high blood pressure and heart disease. I aspire to be an advocate for health and break the chain of unhealthy habits. I aspire to be a positive role model for my peers and the younger generation and hopefully my children (one day).