This is Chloe, she is 19 years young and I have to say one of the most beautiful souls I have ever come across especially at her age. So proud of how amazingly positive she is in times when many would fall apart. 

Nothing can bring this girl down. Huge credit to her parenting when in a world where so many her age struggle with insecurities and doubt, she grows with every life experience she is faced with. 

Meet Vanessa. 45 year old mother of 6 and grandmother of 3.

Before beginning her journey with FitAngels, she struggled with Psoriasis and Arthritis, having been medicated for both. 

Low on energy and generally unhappy on the inside, she now beams with positivity and is no longer medicated, all through healthy nutrition and exercise.

Meet Angela. 59 years young, diagnosed with Lupus and Antiphospholipid Syndrome both auto immune conditions and medicated for years has now been cleared much to the surprise of her specialists and herself.

Fitter and stronger than a lot of my clients half her age.

47 years young and came to me after spending 10 years and thousands of dollars trying to get her body back. She's 10 kg down and a couple to go while we start building her shape.

Never say never, because it's never too late to feel happy in your own skin.

This absolute yummy mummy Krystal from NSW did our Online Bikini Body Program for 12 weeks.

Eating more food than before and with the assistance of minimal training. Get ready for summer now! The timing is perfect!

My clients bring me sooo much joy it's indescribable just how proud I am of them!
Can you believe Deb who is 47 used to be 98 kilos! 

She lost 30 kg alone before coming to me and is now sitting at 57 kg! I've now had to increase her calories to really focus on sculpting her muscles now we have built the base framework.

Just a Few More Of Some of Our Amazing Transformations