Amasha Marshall



Stay at home mum & also studying to become a Personal Trainer


Length of time training:

19 months


When, how and why I joined Fitangels:

After surviving cancer at the age of 23 in 2006 & learning some tough life lessons, I realised my health was going to be a priority in my future.  After a few years of emotional stress & hurdles to have our precious baby, the timing was finally right for me to concentrate on becoming happy & healthy.


I researched online & that's where I found the Fitangels website & my amazing coach Janere Reid.  After reading some of her amazing transformations she had done, I knew this was going to be my next challenge so joined the team in Dec 2012.


Fitangels has changed my life I now feel the happiest, fittest & healthiest I've felt in a long time. I have such a passion for fitness now & I hope to inspire other women to live a healthy lifestyle too.


What it means to me to be a Fitangel:

I'm honoured to be part of the Fitangel team as I love how we all support, empower & lift each other up as a team, so your not taking on this new lifestyle or journey alone. We all make it a fun & friendly environment so everyone feels welcome. I've met some incredible women through my journey especially my best friend Ellie Finlay, we are always having a laugh & making training new and exciting & have made some wonderful memories together travelling interstate to nationals.


Also having an amazing coach who I can put my 100% trust & support into, who pushes me past my limits & helping me to achieve my goals & dreams.   


1st Comp:  IFBB Fitx Bikini Open Short - March 2013


Last Comp:  IFBB All Female Classic in Sydney Bikini open Short - July 2014 - 2nd Place



  • INBA Fitness - April 2013 - 3rd Place

  • ANB Fitness - June 2013 - 1st Place

  • ANB Asia Pacific Fitness - June 2013   

  • Nabba Fitness - Sept 2013 - 3rd Place

  • INBA Fitness Open - Sept 2013

  • IFBB SA State Championships Bikini Open Short - Oct 2013 - st Place

  • ANB Fitness - Oct 2013  - 3rd Place

  • IFBB Sydney Championships Fitness - Oct 2013

  • ANB Sydney Championships Bikini Open Short - Oct 2013 - 5th Place

  • IFBB Fitx Bikini Open Short- March 2014   

  • IFBB Australasia Championships  Bikini open short - March 2014 - 2nd Place

  • IFBB Amanda Doherty All Female Classic Melbourne - July 2014  


Goals moving forward:

I would love to receive a IFBB Bikini Pro Card & also represent Australia internationally on the world stage, that would be my dream come true.



I'm definitely inspired by how I feel every day, happy, confident & healthy but I'm also motivated by my goals & how good it feels to achieve them over & over again with the help of my coach pushing & believing in me each week.