We advocate flexible dieting and also well balanced wholefoods for our nutrition protocols. There is absolutely no form of restricted dieting although we do cater for vegetarians, vegans and the gluten intolerant.

We aim to keep you healthy, hormonally balanced and full of energy throughout your program.


We’ll have you building beautiful sculpted muscle and have you toned and strong year round. The true model of fitness!


All programs are developed by Coach of Fit Angels Janere Reid.



Fit Angels Online Consultation Form


To download the Fit Angels Online Consultation Form, please click on the button below.  Please fill in, sign and email your completed form to with pictures of your front, back and side in gym attire.  We will be in contact with you within 48 hours of receiving your form.

12 Week Bikini Body Program


This program is designed for quick, effective results.

It;s cardio based with body weighted circuit workouts to get you fit, lean and toned for summer! Suited for all levels and absolutley no gym equipment needed.


Step It Up


This program is designed for the more 'experienced' trainer who has been doing a weight training program for at least 6 months, 2-3 times a week and eating consistently (3 hourly) with a high metabolism and/or has preferably completed Level 1 of our packages.


​​Sculpting For Beginners


This package is suitable for those who are new to training and healthy eating routine and are looking for an easy-to-follow program to sculpt your body.  It is designed to teach you how to eat consistently to optimise your metabolism and muscle growth using the correct amount of proteins, good carbs and fats.

Especially For You


This program is best suited for seasoned competitors, sports specific, injured and special needs clients.  By completing a detailed questionnaire, a customised training and nutition plan is designed especially for you.


Online with 12 Weeks Support


Some people require the added benefit of being responsible to someone and/or need "coaching" along the way.


With this program you can choose any of the programs below and have 12 weeks of support:


  • Sculpting For Beginners

  • Step It Up!

  • Especially For You

Competition Coaching / Prep


This program will start 16 weeks before your competition date.  Before beginning the program, you will complete our questionnaire and attach photos of your current condition.


Your nutrition and exercise plan is customised and weekly updates will be given through email and phone contact (available at anytime).  Guiding and coaching to your day of competition is all inclusive.

One on One Training


Train with Janere at Derrimut Gym - Norwood.


This program is designed as an "educational' experience to teach you proper form and technique to scuplt your muscles properly.  We will also guide you into a good routine of eating and training right.  You will leave this package feeling confident to continue on your own.